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林奕華:機場無真愛創作集中營 Fear of Flying

林奕華:機場無真愛創作集中營 Fear of Flying

你知道為甚麼現代人常被拉扯於不想長大(依賴)和我要長大(獨立)的拔河之中? 長大與起飛,為甚麼在現代人的心境及現代社會的語境裏,都要經歷重重安檢,重重防衛,它們代表的是甚麼恐懼?以劇場及藝術角度,創作人又能提供甚麼衝破它的方法? Why do people often struggle between 'I don't want to grow up' and 'I need to grow up'? Why do both 'growing up' and 'flying' have to go through so many security checks? What kind of fears do they represent? How to tackle them through theatre and art?

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 General Education Unit

 26th January, 2017

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