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我焦慮,故我在 I Am Anxious, Therefore I Am

我焦慮,故我在 I Am Anxious, Therefore I Am

這是一個焦慮的時代。不安、失望、無力感,困擾香港整個城市。這次劉保禧與你一起,分享哲學家的觀點,探討「焦慮」的意義,思索出路,重新出發。 Anxiety, despair, and a sense of powerlessness plague our times and the society. From a philosophical perspective, anxiety arises when we contemplate big questions. Dr. Lau Po Hei, Lecturer, General Education Foundation Programme, CUHK, will share with you the philosophers' views and explore the meaning of anxiety.

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 General Education Unit

 2nd February, 2017

#Anxiety #Fear #GenEd #Philosophy #Worry


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