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The Ultimate Guide to Using U-Vision

To enable HKU members to better understand the system and its purpose and to contribute to the idea generation process, there have been public seminars and workshops ongoing for various HKU members. And here are some user manuals and a series of "How to..." videos to help you in using our system.

Seminars & Workshops

Here are the reference documents for the seminars & workshops we held before. We will organise more sessions in the future. Please stay tuned!
Got Video? Edit for Free
A hands-on workshop on how to use U-Vision's Video Composer to edit your video or compose your slideshows.
Quick Start for Video Composer Quick Start for Video Composer
Video Composer Workshop Video Composer Workshop
How You Can Use U-Vision
A seminar on how to publicise your information through U-Vision.
Link to Introduction to U-Vision PDF document Introduction to U-Vision
Link to Interface guide of U-Vision Online PDF document Interface guide of U-Vision Online
Link to U-Vision Guide and Submission Specs PDF document U-Vision Guide and Submission Specs


Useful Links

To improve your video editing skills and learn more about good design, check these out!
Vimeo Video School
Join the friendly Vimeo Staff as we cover all the basics of shooting and editing videos you can be proud of...
Link to Vimeo Video schoolLink