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 Who can submit content?

All HKU members can submit content related to their corresponding university faculty/dept/society/office using their HKU Portal login.

 What legal and ethical policies must I keep in mind when submitting content to U-Vision?

Content providers should:

 If I submit content, do I retain the copyright?

By submitting your content to U-Vision, you will have accepted our Terms of Use and granted us a broadcast right, while you retain full copyright of the material.

 Will any of my content be edited or censored?

Content that is profane or violates copyright is detrimental to the aims of U-Vision and cannot be shown. For details, please refer to our specifications in user upload page. The U-Vision Content Management Working Group reserves the final rights for any controversial issues.

 How is airtime allocated?

All content is arranged on a "first-come-first-serve" basis and will not be broadcast for more than 1 month at a time. 

 When will my content show up?

It takes approximately 7 working days for our team to process your submission for broadcast. If the broadcast date is important to you, make sure you submit your content well in advance!

 Where will my content show up?

Your content will be broadcast on U-Vision's TVs throughout the university.

 Will breaking news be shown on U-Vision?

Yes, if our budget and technical sources permit, we will broadcast local and international breaking news.

 What's the relationship between U-Vision and Campus TV?

U-Vision is separate from Campus TV. While Campus TV may submit content to U-Vision, they are two distinct entities with different goals.

 Does U-Vision accept submissions from students?

Yes, U-Vision allows students' submissions if the content relates to a university cause.  For example, if you wish to promote an event related to your student society, please upload through that society's HKU portal account so that HKUSU can grant you approval for broadcast.  If you wish to showcase your work for the subject you are studying in, seek your course tutor/lecturer to upload on behalf of the faculty/department. You may also try uploading using your own HKU portal account and wait for a longer process for us to help seek the your faculty/dept's approval for you. If your content does not fall under HKUSU or your academic studies, but is still related to the university, you may wish to seek the help of a student orientated university office, such as CEDARS, to upload under their account.


 Can I submit content to U-Vision if I am not a member of HKU?

U-Vision only accepts submissions from HKU sectors. If you are not a member of HKU but have material that you would like to broadcast on U-Vision, please make sure it is relevant material that would be accepted by an HKU department / faculty / centre / organisation and acquire endorsement of your submission via that related HKU party. We only allow submission accounts to HKU parties, so you must let a relevant HKU party submit the material on your behalf.

 What language content can I broadcast on U-Vision?

As English is HKU's primary and instructional language. All content uploaded to U-Vision must be primarily English or has corresponding English subtitles or English side annotations paraphrasing the message being delivered.

 How do I submit content?

You can submit content by logging in and uploading. To login, click the LOGIN button on the top right corner of the website or go directly to this page. Check out our uploading Guides for more help.

 How can I login to U-Vision?

You can login to U-Vision using your HKU portal account. Note that the LOGIN button is at the top right corner of this website.

 What kind of content can I submit to U-Vision?

You may submit content relating to HKU with the aims of:

  • disseminating relevant information/knowledge amongst HKU members
  • promoting campus events
  • promoting distinguished people on campus
  • fostering HKU image and building team spirit

 How long is my content broadcast for?

When you upload your content, you have the choice to input the start and end time of when you wish to broadcast your content. We will take this into consideration when we schedule your content for broadcast. Depending on how much other submissions we have at the time, we will likely oblige to your requested schedule. However, we recommend that no content be broadcast on our TVs for over a month continuously.  It is only during high traffic content submission season, such as during society registration period, we may impose certain limitations to enable each party to a fair chance at broadcasting their material.

 How many content entries can I submit to U-Vision?

We generally do not limit content entries. You are welcome to share your content with others through U-Vision as much as you like.  It is only during peak traffic season, such as during registration period when many student societies wish to broadcast their content all at once, we may enforce certain limits to enable each party to a fair chance at broadcasting their material.

 I don't have video editing software, can you help?

You can use our Video Composer. It's a free, online video editing application that you can use to compose your slideshows and videos. There's even pre-set templates and canned music to choose from within the Video Composer. Login to U-Vision and access the Video Composer from your profile. Check out our Guides on our Video Composer for more help.

Technical Questions


 How does U-Vision broadcast its media?

U-Vision displays videos, static images, and scrolling text. If your content has a resolution ratio of 16:9, it will be displayed like this sample.  If your content has a ratio of 4:3, it will be displayed like this sample.  Alternately, if you are absolutely sure that viewers will be able to grab all critical information from your content at a glance, your content may be displayed fullscreen, without the supporting side panel text, like this sample.  You may opt for your preferred display arrangement upon uploading your content.

 What kind of TV monitors does U-Vision use and where are they located?

We have TV monitors in the sizes of 22", 37" and 42". Take a look at our location list here.

 Are the TV monitors disruptive?

U-Vision monitors are located in areas specifically chosen because they are not disruptive to passers-by. Our televisions' sound levels are carefully monitored to avoid disturbance.

 I only have a bunch of photos, but I want to make a video. What is the simplest way to transform it into a slideshow for U-Vision?

You may use Slideshow function on our Video Composer tool. Click here to login our system and use.

 Can I adjust the start time and end time of my submitted video?

Yes, you can. Please click here to login our system and use the Video Composer.

 Any limitation on the file size of my content?

For posters, the file size must not exceed 20MB; while for videos, the maximum file size is 2GB and it should not be longer than 5 min for TV videos and 25 min for Web videos. If shown on both TV and web, it needs to follow TV specifications.

 What resolutions would be acceptable for my content?

Any width from 1540 pixels- 5120 pixels
Any height from 872 pixels - 5120 pixels

1920 x 1080;
1280 x 720;
1024 x 576;
or 768 x 576*
*note that this is 4:3 aspect ratio, which would look fine on our TVs because we have a special template for these, but would result in black side bars for the web display. You may consider adding matching borders to fill the sides to a 16:9 if this is a problem for you.

 Any specifications on the file format of my content?

Poster Images:
RGB color mode in 24-bit color

Framerate - 25fps, 29.97fps, or 30fps (progressive scan)
Minimum video bitrate - 10 Mbit/s for conventional videos, 40 Mbit/s for 360-degree videos
Minimum audio bitrate - 128Kbit/s

 What resolution sizes will best fit for poster on the TV screen?

  • Best fit size for layout with supporting side-panel is 1540 W x 872 H pixels
  • Best fit size for full spread layout without side-panel is 1920 W x 872 H pixels

 Why do I need the side panel text?

  • You are able to input text on the side panel accompanying your poster upon submission.
  • We encourage using this feature to facilitate viewers who would have trouble reading the key info on your poster image from afar.
  • This feature is mandatory for posters with its main info written in a language other than English. In such cases, the English text equivalency must be input as the poster’s side panel details upon submission.

 What if my content contains language(s) other than English?

For poster, please make use of the side panel text. The English text equivalency must be input as the poster’s side panel details upon submission.

For video, please include English subtitles or English side annotations paraphrasing the meaning of the message being delivered.

 Reasons for submission disapproval

  • Some reasons that the material will be rejected:
    1. too low in resolution
    2. deficient sound quality or at an unacceptable sound level
    3. an unsupported format
    4. an apparent misuse of copyrighted material or other violation of third party rights
    5. not in compliance with U-Vision's Terms of Use
    6. repetitive in content
    7. unable to communicate a relevant message

 What video formats do you accept?


File size:

< 2000 MB


<= 5 min for TV videos
<= 25 min for Web videos
If shown on both, it needs to follow TV specifications.

Acceptable resolutions (1.0 square pixels only):

  • 1920 x 1080

  • 1280 x 720

  • 1024 x 576

  • 768 x 576

Minimum video bitrate:

  • 10Mbit/s for conventional videos

  • 40Mbit/s for 360-degree videos

Audio bitrate:

> 128Kbit/s

File format:



25fps, 29.97fps, or 30fps (progressive scan)


(if your video must contain any other language, please include subtitles)

 What image formats do you accept?

File size: max 20MB
Acceptable resolution sizes:
  • Any width from 1540 pixels - 5120 pixels
  • Any height from 872 pixels - 5120 pixels
Best-fit resolution sizes for our TVs:
  • Best fit size for layout with supporting side-panel is 1540 W x 872 H pixels
  • Best fit size for full spread layout without side-panel is 1920 W x 872 H pixels
File format: JPG, PNG
Color mode: RGB 8-bit mode, 24-bit true color

 How do I use the Video Composer?

Take a look at the Guides on our Video Composer for more help.

 How can I upload subtitles for my video?

You can find an option for you to upload a subtitle file (we accept .srt or .vtt formats) when you upload your video. You can also add a subtitle file after you have uploaded your video by clicking on the "Pending Approval" or "Approved" button underneath your video listed in the "My Content" section. You will need to be logged in to U-Vision to see these functions.

 How can I create my own subtitle / audio caption for my video?

There are some freeware or online editing platforms for you to create and edit subtitles:
* Aegisub
* Subtitle Edit
* Subtitle Edit Online
* Subtitle Horse
* Amara
* fiveLoadSub

 Can I amend or add subtitles after uploading my video?

You can upload a new subtitle file to add to your video or to replace a previously uploaded subtitle file through our system at anytime by clicking on the "Pending Approval" or "Approval" button underneath your video listed in the "My Content" section after you have logged in. However, please note that processing time may be needed for the re-approval of your video.

 What are the tags or hashtags used for under my content?

A Hashtag is a label following a hash sign "#" to assign a message to a specific theme or topic. It is also widely used on social media platforms. You can assign 5 hashtags to each piece of content that you submit to U-Vision, which will make your content easier to find by users looking for info on the same topics or themes.







The U-Vision Video Composer service has been retired. HKU staff and students are eligible to use TechSmith Camtasia with site license for offline video editing. More details in ITS website: https://moodle-support.hku.hk/camtasia-site-license-staff-and-students