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HKU Medicine x Science Keynote Lecture: The Piwi-piRNA Pathway: a New World of Genetic Regulation in the Germline
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2022-11-18 09:48:39
Small non-coding RNAs play key roles in gene regulation. In 1998, Professor Lin discovered the argonaute (ago) gene family that encodes key proteins of small RNA pathways and are essential for stem cell self-renewal in both animal and plant kingdoms. Within this gene family, the ago subfamily is ubi...
HKU Science Public Lecture Series - RNA-based Therapeutic Approaches (Apr 21, 2022)
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2022-03-18 15:08:03
In this talk, Dr Li will give an overview about RNA molecules, followed by a detailed introduction to the history of RNA based therapeutic development, with emphasis on RNA based vaccines, particularly those used against COVID-19.
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