HKU Master & Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Medicine (Psychosis Studies) by Department of Psychiatry
Dept of Psychiatry
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This part-time taught postgraduate programme is unique in Hong Kong. Key features: - in depth integration of biomedical & psychosocial approaches - curriculum enrichment with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Applicaiton Deadline: April 30, 2017
Master in Psychological Medicine Open for applicaiton (info session on Dec19) Course application deadline by Jan31
Dept of Psychiatry
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Master of Psychological Medicine (Psychosis Studies) Open for application Key Features: 1. Curriculum is enriched with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 2. In-depth biomedical and psychosocial approaches// Our faculty are leaders in the field and experts from professional backgrounds including psyc...
The best of both worlds? Integrating a MOOC into on-campus teaching
University Central
Uploaded on 2015-09-29 17:50:09
In this talk, Dr. Kajimoto from Journalism and Media Studies Centre shares the findings of his investigation into the behavioral data mined through the MOOC in order to illustrate what educators could learn from the learning analytics in terms of curriculum development, instructional design strategi...
The Introduction of Common Core Curriculum
University Central
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Prof. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, the Director of Common Core, welcomes you.
CETL & CC Programme - Join-the-Conversation : Assessment in the Common Core Curriculum
Ctr for Enhance't of Teaching & Learning
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As part of the "Wise Assessment Community of Practice" project, CETL has been working with teachers across the University of Hong Kong to identify and surface particularly effective assessment practices that are currently being used within the University. In the two panel-led discussion se...
Research Seminar on Field-based teaching and learning
The Kadoorie Institute
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A case study on official curriculum in Hong Kong
Cambodia Capstone Internship Program
Science Faculty
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UNlimited Institute (UNi) Ltd. is organizing Capstone Internship and Experiential Learning Program in Cambodia with School of Biological Sciences of HKU this summer! *Credit-bearing Capstone Program approved by the Faculty of Science and Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre, HKU for Food and Nutr...
CETL Seminar - "Teaching Exchange Fellowship Scheme"
Ctr for Enhance't of Teaching & Learning
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This seminar provides information and an overview of the "Teaching Exchange Fellowship Scheme" which aims to enhance the scholarship of teaching at HKU through grants for exchange visits. It will explain, and also showcase examples, on how this funding opportunity can be used by HKU teachi...
Workshop on Curriculum Design and Development for Japanese Language Education
School of Modern Languages & Cultures
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New Book from HKUP - Devising a Chinese-language curriculum for non-Chinese-speaking students in Hong Kong (Text in Chinese)
HK University Press
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Embedding Experiential Learning into the Curriculum and Linking to Extra-Curricular Activities
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Curriculum Reform Seminar Series
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Briefing and launching of iClass for the new curriculum
Dept of Electrical & Electronic Engg
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