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EIM Verticle Walk Challenge - Step up your Health
Centre for Sports and Exercise
Uploaded on 2019-05-16 14:29:20
Step up your Health and join our challenge! As we are promoting stair climbing this month, what would the campaign be without a challenge? So, come join our HKU Vertical Walk Challenge and letâs climb up the Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building together. The CSE is partnering with the HKU Sch...
Sharing Session: Nucleic acid
Ctr for PanorOmic Sciences
Uploaded on 2018-09-19 16:11:29
Extraction of genetic materials from biological specimen is a crucial step for many genomic studies. Throughout the years, CGS has performed nucleic acids extraction on a wide range of sample types including whole blood, buffy coat, bacterial culture, and so on. More recently, the Centre has acquire...
港大與京都大學發現新方法 可助提升禾稈草轉化為生物燃料的效能
Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative
Uploaded on 2017-05-04 18:09:33
香港大學 與京都大學的最新一項合作研究,使稻草的纖維素更容易被分解,釋放出可發酵成乙醇的糖份。水稻和其他穀物屬於禾本科植物。港大植物生化學家盧思聰博士、其學生林佩瑩博士與京都大學的木質素專家飛松裕基...
HKU and Kyoto U reveal a new strategy to enhance the efficiency of cereal straw for biofuel production
Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative
Uploaded on 2017-05-02 10:40:54
A collaborative research effort by the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and Kyoto University (Kyoto U) has revealed a new strategy to allow cellulose in rice straw to release its fermentable sugar more efficiently. The yield of glucose was increased by 37% without any chemical treatment. This research ...
Faculty of Science Public Lecture Series: "The Rules of Sex"
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2017-03-02 15:56:16
This lecture will discuss the evolution of sex and sexuality in animals.
HKU ecologists reveal causes of butterfly diversity
Registry (CPAO)
Uploaded on 2016-10-18 10:16:13
Dr Timothy Bonebrake, Assistant Professor at the School of Biological Sciences and head of the Global Change and Tropical Conservation Laboratory, HKU and his PhD student Mr Toby Tsang Pak-nok, set out into the urban wilderness to find out how parks serve as a habitat for butterflies. Their recent r...
HKU PhD student wins silver in international photo competition with portraits of wild snakes
Registry (CPAO)
Uploaded on 2016-10-18 10:13:17
Sam Yue, local nature photographer and PhD student in Ecology & Biodiversity at the HKU School of Biological Sciences, won two honours in this year's Prix de la Photographie, a prestigious international photo competition. Competing with photographers from over 85 countries, Sam's entry t...
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Awardee
Graduate School of the Research Services
Uploaded on 2016-09-21 16:04:52
Mr CHEN Junhao (School of Biological Sciences)
HKU Biologists Discover New Ant Species
Registry (CPAO)
Uploaded on 2016-08-02 16:52:39
The research group led by Dr Benoit Guenard at the School at Biological Sciences, HKU, has recently discovered a new ant species from Hong Kong. The Paratopula bauhinia, or the rare "Golden Tree Ant" is the 22nd ant species described from Hong Kong since 1858.
HKU highlights scale of illegal and unreported Humphead Wrasse trade into and through HK
Registry (CPAO)
Uploaded on 2016-07-20 10:38:52
A new study produced by TRAFFIC and Professor Yvonne Sadovy of School of Biological Sciences, HKU Swire Institute of Marine Science, that thousands of Humphead Wrasse have been seen in local and Mainland markets, and being sold in high-end luxury restaurants, of which only a few hundred are likely t...
HKU develops "Prohep" that may offer potential therapeutic effects on liver cancer
Registry (CPAO)
Uploaded on 2016-06-03 17:53:36
A research team led by Dr Hani El-Nezami and Dr Gianni Panagiotou, of the HKU School of biological Sciences, in collaboration with the HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine and the School of Medicine, University of Eastern Finland, develops a novel probiotic mixture "Prohep" that may have po...
Symposium on Environmental Health and Food Safety 2016
School of Biological Sciences
Uploaded on 2015-12-03 15:21:15
Co-organized by Faculty of Science, The University of Hong Kong and LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
School of Biological Sciences
Uploaded on 2015-12-01 14:50:00
The 2nd International Conference on Deriving Environmental Quality Standards for the Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems
HKU scientists discover a drought tolerance gene of plants
Registry (CPAO)
Uploaded on 2015-11-30 12:24:34
Professor Chye Mee Len and her lab members in Plant Biotechnology at the HKU School of Biological Sciences have discovered that Arabidopsis acyl-CoA-binding proteins can confer stress tolerance, improving drought resistance in plants to enhance the growth and productivity of crops in dry weather con...
Public Lecture: Ocean Optimism: Success stories in ocean conservation
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2015-10-27 17:30:54
Public Lecture "Ocean Optimism: Success stories in ocean conservation" by Professor Nancy Knowlton, Visiting Research Professor of HKU School of Biological Sciences, Sant Chair of Marine Science, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History.
HKU and OIST launches world's first online Ant Map including 170 species from HK
Registry (CPAO)
Uploaded on 2015-08-11 17:04:22
Dr. Benoit Guenard, Assistant Professor of School of Biological Sciences at HKU, and Dr. Evan Economo, from OIST Graduate School, have built a global distribution ants database and website (antmaps.org) in 4 years to visualise their results on 15,000 ant species. An estimated 10,000-15,000 more spec...
Cambodia Capstone Internship Program
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2015-02-18 03:08:41
UNlimited Institute (UNi) Ltd. is organizing Capstone Internship and Experiential Learning Program in Cambodia with School of Biological Sciences of HKU this summer! *Credit-bearing Capstone Program approved by the Faculty of Science and Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre, HKU for Food and Nutr...
You are cordially invited to BECoME 2015
School of Biological Sciences
Uploaded on 2014-11-10 15:52:48
International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems 2015 (BECoME 2015)
Dioxins in the Environment: Unraveling the Reason for Differential Sensitivity in Birds: A Bold Research Goal!
School of Biological Sciences
Uploaded on 2012-02-07 11:00:14
Adventures in 2011 of a retired marine biologist !!
School of Biological Sciences
Uploaded on 2011-10-11 15:59:05
School of Biological Sciences
Uploaded on 2011-10-04 10:17:24
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