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In Loving Memory of Professor Michael Wilkinson

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 25th February, 2019

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Brian Darvell       15th December, 2019 22:41

Good neighbour, good colleague, good friend, all round good egg. Farewell.

Anthony CHAN       12th March, 2019 17:57

I can still vividly remember what Prof.Wilkinson said on the first day of my PCLL at HKU, "The aim for doing PCLL is to find future husbands and wives." The magnitude of his humour will never get old. Thank you for your guidance and inspiration as well as your unfailing passion in nurtuting new talents. You will be in our hearts forever and you will be dearly missed. Love, Anthony

Shirley Leung       7th March, 2019 08:04

Dear Professor, I am proud to have you in my entire PCLL studies (the property transactions, the PPM). Your enthusiasm in nurturing students impressed all of us! Thanks for having you being part of my life!

Christopher A. Lee       6th March, 2019 19:43

Thank you for your teaching, sharing of your experiences and inspirations. I am honoured to be one of your students. May you rest in peace, Mr. Wilkinson.

Catherine Lau       6th March, 2019 14:51

Dearest Michael, you’ll be always remembered and your passion for the legal profession will live on. May you rest in peace.

Carmen Choi       6th March, 2019 13:53

Thank you so much Michael for everything that you have taught me !

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