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Memoriam: In loving memory of Dr Rayson Huang

(1920 - 2015)


 13th April, 2015

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Amy Pang Leung (BA 1988)       10th May, 2015 09:56

I was just an ordinary student by then but Dr Huang truly Impressed me as a great fatherly leader with outstanding music talents. He was just so friendly and approachable that I enjoyed meeting him in the campus or simply listening to his speeches. Now that I have worked in the School Advancement field, I began to genuinely appreciate what Dr Huang has contributed to HKU -- his vision to prosper higher education in HK and beyond and his leadership & dedication to make this happen. Salute, Dr Huang!

Tiny Wong       7th May, 2015 16:18

it is my pleasure to edit your interview and know your life history. Listening your voice leds me figure out your marvelous life. Thank you very much to contribute to HK, particularly HKU and be willing to share your life with us. Miss you. Rest in Peace.

Donald Lam (B Soc Sc 1987)       6th May, 2015 16:58

In loving memory of a greater scholar and a well-respected leader of the community who led us and showed us the direction of life during our university years. Thank you and we will miss you so much. Rest in Peace.

John W.T. HUI (B.Arch. 1977, PhD 2011)       5th May, 2015 17:28

Your warm smiles deeply engraved onto our memories of university life. Your visions in academic pursuits profoundly inspired many students in your era.

Tang Wai Kuen       4th May, 2015 22:23

Thanks for your hardship to bring people a new life.

PatricK, Ping-Kuen TONG (B.A.A.S. 1981)       4th May, 2015 15:42

A Great Man That Contributes A Lot To The University Of Hong Kong And Hong Kong Society...!!! Thank You For Your Works., R.I.P.

Samuel Tung (BSocSci1986)       4th May, 2015 09:07

A great scholar ! A great Vice-Chancelleor that makes so many contribution to HKU. RIP

Richard Chiu (MMBS 1987)       4th May, 2015 08:23

Memories fade with time, but my closest encounter with Dr Huang was when he played violin solo, with the Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra, in the Loke Yew Hall. Another teacher, Dr John Lawton, was in the violin section as well. They played a fantasia on HK TV themes. The Vice Chancellor, such a distant figure, came into close proximity with students and staff. It was a heart warming moment. Rest in peace, our beloved Vice Chancellor.

Fong Cheui Kei (PhD 2005)       23rd April, 2015 13:02

Professor Huang, may you rest in peace. You were a true servant of the people, a leader. May your spirit prevail in Hong Kong U. And Cicero said so that we, the people, may be mindful of false leaders: ‘His [Caesar] character was an amalgamation of genius, method, memory, culture, thoroughness, intellect, and industry. […]. By entertainments, public works, food-distributions, and banquets, he seduced the ignorant populace; his friends he bound to his allegiance by rewarding them, his enemies by what looked like mercy. By a mixture of intimidation and indulgence, he calculated in a free community the habit of servitude. Your ambition to reign, Anthony, certainly deserves to be compared with Caesar’s. But in no single other respect are you entitled to the same comparison. For the many evils which Caesar inflicted upon our country have at least yielded certain benefits. To take a single example, the people [of Rome] have now discovered what degrees of confidence they can repose in this or that person. They have discovered who are fit to be entrusted with their fortunes, and who, on the other hand, need to be shunned […] ‘Second Philippic Against Mark Anthony’ p. 91 ‘An Attack on an Enemy of Freedom’, translated by Michael Grant (2005).

Helen Kan       22nd April, 2015 21:31

in loving memory of a well-respected leader, a committed professional and a caring teacher who sowed plentiful that we could garner. Thank you and miss you. With great respect...

Frank Gong        22nd April, 2015 15:59

Did not meet with you, but miss you. Did not talk to you, but respect you. Did not walk with you, but my heart is full of sorrow. With your light, we love you, deeply!

CHOW Tung Shan       22nd April, 2015 11:35

In loving memory of a great leader, innovator, and an action man.

Ip Kim Kuen (BA 1986)       22nd April, 2015 06:15

Still remember your hospitality and advice given to me as a student. You are an exemplary leader of your generation. Proud to have the opportunity to learn from you directly. Salute!

Ray Cheung (BA1980)       21st April, 2015 19:12

Thank you for your great job. A reign to cherish. Son of the HKU. RIP

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