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“My Hong Kong, My Taiwan” Part B

Professor Lung Yingtai, Minister of Culture of Taiwan, speaks at HKU

 6th December, 2012

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U-Vision       19th April, 2014 18:43

The first part of this video is here: http://uvision.hku.hk/playvideo.php?mid=13996

Romaty       1st June, 2013 20:21


繆思曼陀羅       28th January, 2013 16:19

關心時事.....不等於......鬧事.......Wunderbar....... 人民需要更多“民主素養”的.....升等再教育.......

明火       25th December, 2012 22:21


Jhonny       24th December, 2012 21:56

just soso

Andy       8th December, 2012 16:22

Very impressive,I like the way she speaks, not rush but luscious

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