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“My Hong Kong, My Taiwan” Part A

Professor Lung Yingtai, Minister of Culture of Taiwan, speaks at HKU


 5th December, 2012

#HKU #LungYingtai #Taiwan #uvision


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xiaodai       16th May, 2018 11:10


luyile       25th December, 2016 12:04


Yu Yu       22nd December, 2016 22:12

We need the voices from those who did contribute themselves to the improvement of people's welfare but not those who only care about few people even nobody.

jinglei       20th December, 2016 02:07


lee       19th December, 2016 21:30

My country! LOL

中国人       19th December, 2016 16:17

我的祖国 一条大河波浪宽 风吹稻花香两岸 我家就在岸上住 听惯了艄公的号子 看惯了船上的白帆 这是美丽的祖国 是我生长的地方 在这片辽阔的土地上 到处都有明媚的风光 姑娘好象花儿一样 小伙儿心胸多宽广 为了开辟新天地 唤醒了沉睡的高山 让那河流改变了模样 这是英雄的祖国 是我生长的地方 在这片古老的土地上 到处都有青春的力量 好山好水好地方 条条大路都宽敞 朋友来了有好酒 若是那豺狼来了 迎接它的有猎枪 这是强大的祖国 是我生长的地方 在这片温暖的土地上 到处都有和平的阳光

iris       7th February, 2016 20:13

good !

Minnie       7th April, 2015 12:37

Love this speech!❤️❤️❤️

U-Vision       19th April, 2014 18:42

The second part of this video is now here: http://uvision.hku.hk/playvideo.php?mid=13999

wangjunfa       8th September, 2013 12:51


wanson1021a       7th January, 2013 10:07


jack chen       14th December, 2012 23:14


KK       14th December, 2012 15:14

oh there are Part 2 video in here : uvision.hku.hk/portal/video.php?video_id=13999

XU Maoyou       11th December, 2012 20:26

Lung Ying-tai is my favorite Taiwan writers, I indulge her text! majestic atmosphere yet humorous!

Vin Lau       10th December, 2012 20:44

Charming lady with a good sense of humor. Inspirational speech.

Phil Loo       9th December, 2012 20:01


Cheng Cheng       9th December, 2012 13:35

Thanks for uploading.this can be hardly found on the mainland"s vedio webside.

Beien Wang       7th December, 2012 12:58

Surprisingly, it is not blocked in Mainland.

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