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Book Talk: A Polar Excursion on the Equator  赤道上的極地探險

Book Talk: A Polar Excursion on the Equator 赤道上的極地探險

新加坡最進步?移居花園城市最幸福? 散文集《赤道上的極地:新加坡微民族誌》的作者旅居新加坡超過100個星期,剛好是新加坡獨立50年的轉折點。在政府積極打造輝煌的國家形象與逐漸白熱化的社會問題之間,他所關注是在宏大敘事背後的憂鬱與騷動。
The prose collection, "So Hot, Yet So Cold: A Polar Singapore", is a documentation of the author’s more-than-100-week field observation in Singapore while teaching as a medical historian in Nanyang Technological University. Harry Wu’s sojourn witnessed the turning point between the image building of the state and the emergence of proliferating social problems.

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 General Education Unit

 29th September, 2016

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