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Impact of Housing Policy on the Settlement Intentions of Rural-Urban Migrants in China: Revisiting The Welfare Magnet Hypothesis
Social Sciences Faculty
Uploaded on 2023-04-17 10:05:26
Do generous welfare benefits attract and retain low-skilled migrants? Dr Chenhong Peng from Department of Social Work and Social Administration study not only contributes to a better understanding of welfare magnetism in a non-Western context, but also find that housing policies do not affects migra...
This is the latest annual video of the Policy for Sustainability Lab's "HSBC Rural Sustainability" programme.
Centre for Civil Society & Governance
Uploaded on 2020-05-04 11:45:43
The video features major highlights of the Policy for Sustainability Lab's "HSBC Rural Sustainability" programme in 2019, including events of Academy for Sustainable Communities, art projects under the Co-creation of the Community Scheme, and the Lai Chi Wo! Village Fest. The Policy fo...
中國城鎮化大躍進 China's Urban Leap Forward
General Education Unit
Uploaded on 2018-03-12 12:53:42
中國正進行不可逆轉的城鎮化實驗,城市群政策將為中國空間帶來翻天覆地的轉變。這短短40年間,大量人口帶着城市夢離開農村湧進城市。 China is a laboratory for urban planning on a massive scale, with its ongoing urbanisation combining mega-cities i...
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