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Uploaded on 2023-10-05 16:34:24
HKU Science Distinguished Lecture (Oct 18) on Mathematical Optimisation by Prof. Yinyu YE
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2022-10-06 11:11:02
In this lecture, Professor Yinyu YE will present a few recent mathematical optimisation case studies driven by Machine Learning applications. He will show how newly developed (convex) optimisation models and numerical algorithms can be effectively used to achieve solution efficiency and optimality i...
The Shaw Prize Lecture in Astronomy 2022 (September 30, 2022)
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2022-08-12 11:00:34
The Shaw Prize in Astronomy 2022 is awarded to Professor Lennart LINDEGREN and Professor Michael PERRYMAN for their lifetime contributions to space astrometry, and in particular for their role in the conception and design of the European Space Agency's Hipparcos and Gaia missions. You are cordially ...
Science Public Lecture Series - How Invisibility Cloaks Work (Nov 5, 2021)
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2021-10-25 12:19:28
In this talk, Professor ZHANG will introduce the concept of metamaterials, explain how they interact with light, and present some of the fundamentals and applications of metamaterials such as the aforementioned negative refraction and invisibility cloaks.
Distinguished Lecture Series - Unveiling the Dark Universe
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2021-02-24 10:13:50
In this talk, I will discuss what we know and how we know the significance of these dark entities whose presence is revealed indirectly from multi-wavelength observations. I will review our current state of understanding focusing on the many intriguing open questions and future observations that wil...
Distinguished Lecture Series - Stacking van der Waals Atomic Layers: Quest for New Quantum Materials
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2021-01-05 11:08:03
You are cordially invited to attend a ZOOM HKU Science Distinguished Lecture, at which Professor Philip Kim of Harvard University will discuss the realisation of unusual quasiparticle pairing mesoscopic devices.
Master of Science in the field of Space Science
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2020-03-13 13:11:35
New Programme MSc in the field of Space Science Establishing opportunities for space lovers to pursue space exploration and employment goals
Faculty of Science Public Lecture Series: Chasing Fireworks from Black Holes
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2019-10-14 14:56:29
Black holes are probably the least understood yet the most fascinating celestial objects in our universe. In this talk, Dr Jane Dai will talk about the "fireworks" produced by black holes which light up their surrounding space-time.
The Shaw Prize Lecture on Astronomy 2019 "The Voyager Journey to the Giant Planets and Interstellar Space"
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2019-08-23 12:03:09
Shaw Prize Laureate Professor Edward STONE will talk about his leadership in the Voyager project
Public Lecture: The Structure of the Universe: A Cosmic Spider Web
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2018-04-10 11:18:35
This talk will show how astronomers measure the distribution of galaxies in the sky, and why a simple consideration of gravity on matter fluctuations in the early Universe produced the Cosmic Web.
Public Lecture: Gravity at the Limits
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2018-02-13 09:40:27
Gravity is the most important force governing the structure of the Universe. In this talk, the speaker will introduce gravity related phenomena under the most extreme and violent conditions, including supernova explosions, neutron stars, and black holes, which are the final products of massive star ...
Public Lecture: The Galactic Graveyard and the Ultimate Fate of Our Sun
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2018-01-04 15:32:56
Stars, the key building blocks of all galaxies, are born in collapsing gas clouds, live their lives as nuclear fusion reactors, and eventually die. Massive stars live fast and die young, exploding as supernovae after only a few million years. In this talk, the speaker will talk about the late stage ...
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