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HKU palaeontologist reconstructs feathered dinosaurs in the flesh with new technology
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Uploaded on 2017-04-18 11:26:32
Dr Michael Pittman from the Department of Earth Sciences, HKU and his collaborators reconstructed the first highly detailed body outline of a feathered dinosaur based on high-definition images of its preserved soft tissues by using Laser-stimulated fluorescence (LSF). It is a revolutionary new techn...
HKU's Department of Earth Sciences: new laser-induced fluorescence techniques uncover never-before-seen details in fossils
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Uploaded on 2015-05-29 16:13:51
Dr. Michael Pittman of HKU together with eight international colleagues have developed a simple new technique to analyse fossils. Published in the open-access journal "PLOS ONE", the technique, called laser-stimulated fluorescence (LSF), utilises lasers to stimulate fluorescence in fossils...
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