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HKU Mentorship 2019 - 2020
Development & Alumni Affairs Office
Uploaded on 2019-09-03 15:15:43
UG of Year 2 or above and Full Year Inbound Exchange Students
HKU Mentorship 2017-18
Development & Alumni Affairs Office
Uploaded on 2017-09-01 16:46:05
Year 2 or Year 3 UG & Full Year Exchange Student at HKU
"WoW Video for Non-local Students 2017"
Ctr of Dev & Resources for Students
Uploaded on 2017-08-15 11:11:47
Ta-ta (Farewell+Thankyou) Party
General Education Unit
Uploaded on 2016-04-22 15:58:43
It's approaching to the last day of teaching of the term. What's the better way than to celebrate it with a party on campus? To farewell the lovely exchange students, the half-excited-half-anxious final year students and especially those who have helped and supported GE along the way, we are...
Join us at the Cultural Exchange Bazaar! Sept 16 @ Happy Park
Registry - Academic Liaison Office
Uploaded on 2015-09-11 10:03:43
Every year, HKU receives incoming exchange students from all around the world, making the university a truly global village. As part of school tradition, the Admissions and Academic Liaison Section (AAL) presents the Cultural Exchange Bazaar to encourage cultural exchange. Come and Connect with Your...
University-wide Mentorship
Development & Alumni Affairs Office
Uploaded on 2014-09-04 12:40:14
For Year 2 & Full Year Exchange Student. ​Apply before Sept 22
HKU Mentorship
Development & Alumni Affairs Office
Uploaded on 2013-09-10 16:07:05
All Year 2 & Exchange Students! Welcome! Apply online before Sept 25, 2013
The U-Vision Video Composer service has been retired. HKU staff and students are eligible to use TechSmith Camtasia with site license for offline video editing. More details in ITS website: https://moodle-support.hku.hk/camtasia-site-license-staff-and-students