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Metamorphosis or Confrontation

"Metamorphosis or Confrontation" is Tobias Klein’s exploration of 3D printing applications in architecture, art, design and interactive media installations. This exhibition traces Klein’s work over the past decade and is structured in four distinct areas: Bones, Masks, Mutations and Forces. Each theme unravels the relationships and evolution of the artist’s body of work, while at the same time demanding that visitors take a position of negotiation, evolution or confrontation. 《蛻變或對抗》展示簡鳴謙對三維打印技術應用在建築、藝術、設計和互動媒體裝置等領域的探索。展覽以骨頭、面具、變異和力量四個獨特的領域,探索簡鳴謙過往十年的創作。每個展區的主題既揭示一眾作品之間的關係和演化,同時邀請觀眾投入其中,作出協商、演變或對抗。

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 University Museum and Art Gallery

 2nd September, 2020

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