Wishing you a happy and fulfilling Chinese New Year!

喜迎新歲:恭祝 丁酉如意 新歲吉祥



 23rd January, 2017


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王子婷       5th February, 2017

Happy New Year!

愤怒的鲁管       2nd February, 2017


Leo Lei       1st February, 2017

I am also amazed at how childish one can be by assuming under the mask of a cartoon name (i.e. Fred Flintstone) to write misspelled comments that are nonconstructive, bitter and distasteful. I'd like to see you try to come up with a video that would tie in such an animal full of synonymous taboo as the chicken with a leading university and still be able to showcase significant elements of the university, such as its beautiful campus and keywords on its strategic vision, without forgetting the fun factor that is essential in all cultural celebrations and festivities. These video makers have their work cut out for them – give them a break! You wouldn't be able to produce something half as good.

Freddie Flintstone       31st January, 2017

I am amazed how pnerile HKU's video makers are. Year after year we are "treated" to such twaddle. . HKU is supposed to be a world ranked university - not some balsted kindergarten. . Unable to fix such nonsense, it really is time that "fat boy", I am not getting off the fence becuase I love raking in shed-loads of honkie dollars Mathieson was booted out. .

连思琦       29th January, 2017

my dream. HONGKONG

朱万兴       27th January, 2017


柯雨晴       27th January, 2017


Pat       25th January, 2017

Top job! Simply love it!! You guys are amazingly creative!

kit       25th January, 2017

happy new year..

Grace       25th January, 2017

I love the video =)

SYL Wong       24th January, 2017

WOW! Additional message beyond Happy Chinese New Year, Innovation, Internationalisation, Interdisciplinarity and Impact. Haha!

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