Getting from the HKU Station to the Campus

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 23rd December, 2014


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YB Leung       9th January, 2015

Good instruction by video. Being a graduate of long time ago, this is really helpful. If you find it running too fast, there is always a re-run button.

Linda Lee       9th January, 2015

Great video... I like it

HL       9th January, 2015

I understand the purpose of this video, i.e., not introducing the station but the routes to the university. Notwithstanding this, I echo what Choimk said. Many shots were spanning too fast, and one cannot absorb the information under that speed.

U-Vision       6th January, 2015

Thank you for your comments. Please note that the purpose of this video is only a brief overview mentioning the relevant exit routes leading to our campus from the HKU station. It is not intended as a detailed walkthrough of the station. Any shots that were quick in pace were deliberate as we only wanted the audience to focus on certain information. To review any moment in the video that you think you may have missed, you may click the pause button and scrub backwards/forwards in the online video's timeline.

Choimk       6th January, 2015

The video is running too fast. Some shots are out of focus. Should produce a new version to replace current video.

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