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Introducing the Centennial Campus part I


 19th February, 2013

#CentennialCampus #uvision


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Christine Lin        15th July, 2013 22:07

HKU makes me feel a sense of belonging .

kelly       7th March, 2013 14:49

wow, the next episode: Introducing the Centennial Campus part II - uvision.hku.hk/portal/video.php?video_id=14240

Student       4th March, 2013 17:42

Old campus isn"t bad at all. I actually like having lessons in Knowles and TT Tsui.

游客       10th November, 2012 15:19


sam       5th November, 2012 10:24


Staff member       31st October, 2012 12:52

It is the "software" and the "people", not the "hardware" that matters in a University.

Student       28th October, 2012 12:38

You should spend more money on refurbishment of old campus, rather than make centennial campus extremely luxury.

Student       28th October, 2012 12:34

How do you evaluate the very very big contrast between old campus and new campus? What is the feeling of staff and students in old campus? I mean, people NOT in Faculty of arts, social science and law?

Patrick Tang, HKU       22nd October, 2012 23:04

That will be great if there are more students and staff being taken in this video.

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