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Season's Greetings 2011 from U-Vision


 14th December, 2011

#SeasonsGreetings #uvision


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professor       31st December, 2011 13:20

embarassing. infantile. captures the essence of HKu indeed.

Spode       26th December, 2011 22:06

On holiday with just my iPad, so no idea what the video looks like. Oh well - I"ll see it next year sometime.

Rudolph Tsang       24th December, 2011 20:15

Hello Amanda Dan. Excellent. I hope all your Christmas wishes come true. I must tell you though, the HKU teaching faculty WILL challenge you. It"s entirely possible they"ll confront you with the notion that Father Christmas/Santa Claus is/are not real. That"s the sort of place it is. Welcome to the "family". Rudy.

Amanda Dan       24th December, 2011 18:47

How lovely the video is ! I"m here waiting for my year 1 study in HKU, we are looking forward to seeing a bright future of our favorite HKU!

Donald       23rd December, 2011 11:38

With all that"s happened over the year, HKU needs a little light-heartedness at this time of the year. Sometimes we all need some innocent magical fun to put a smile to our faces, regardless of how old or learned we are.

Toon Lu-Ni       23rd December, 2011 09:43

The Disneyfication of HKU appears almost complete! The odds of Mickey Mouse becoming the next VC must be tumbling.

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