Outstanding Teaching Award

Excellence in Teaching & Research 2010

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 18th February, 2011


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That saves me. Tanhks for being so sensible!       25th May, 2011

That saves me. Tanhks for being so sensible!

Mary       8th March, 2011

Well, B Chan is just an applicant but not a student. B Chan should improve his/her English before applying any universities.

Tina       2nd March, 2011

It is very hilarious to see the conversation between ABC and also B. Chan.

Fiona       27th February, 2011

To my humble understanding, there are 2 common themes to each Outstanding Teaching Award recipient - 1, To arouse students" interest in the subject by connecting what they"re learning in textbook to their own life; 2. To lead students from textbook to real-life contributions to society. These 2 themes, in my opinion, are indeed important ideals that every educator can aim to develop. Otherwise, why bother learning, why bother teaching, if the learning process fails to inspire onself, let alone others???

ABC       26th February, 2011

After reading the comment of B. Chan, I cant but believe the English standard of our students is hardly acceptable.

B.Chan       26th February, 2011

I am currently an Early Admission Scheme applicants for the 2011 Entry. I found this video somehow over exaggerated the true side of the University. The elements which built up this video has almost transformed this media representation to a commercial. This is sadly isn"t what people wish to receive when they enter the site of The University of Hong Kong. However I have to admit good effort were put in. I suggest next time the University should focus more on the intangibles, e.g. the self actualization of individuals rather than success that Individual professors or teachers have achieved.

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