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4 top scorers achieving 5** in 7 subjects admitted to HKU HKU takes in HKDSE top scorers with over 6,000 “*”, the highest in Hong Kong      Most close relatives of birds neared the potential for powered flight but few crossed its thresholds      HKUMed finds that an anti-osteoporosis drug is associated with reduced risk of pneumonia in patients with hip fracture      HKU Engineering creates big data on elderly services with “HINCare” - a service-matching app for elderly people      Meet HKU Startup Founders: Social Network of Trust and Intimacy for Youth      HKUMed discovers that acute SARS-CoV-2 infection impairs human immune defences: significant implications for viral transmission, disease severity and vaccine research      Professor Frederick Leung elected President of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI)      HKUMed researchers first discovered SARS-CoV-2 infects human neural progenitor cells and brain organoids      HKU architects and marine scientists co-develop novel 3D printed ‘reef tiles’ to repopulate coral communities and conserve biodiversity in Hong Kong      Meet HKU Startup Founders: eCup - Digital Transformation of Local Coffee Shops      HKU Council resolves personnel issue concerning an HKU staff member      HKU appoints Mr Steve Lo as Executive Vice-President (Administration and Finance)      HKUMed reveals the pathogenic gene of carpal tunnel syndrome providing new directions for prevention and treatment      Successful launch of the world’s first soft X-ray satellite with “Lobster-Eye” imaging technology: The Dark Matter Hunter      HKU Business School Garners Record High RGC Funding in 10 Years Success Rate Ranked Top among Local Institutes      HKUMed research suggested that the serial interval of SARS-CoV-2 can be shortened substantially over time by non-pharmaceutical interventions      HKU establishes dedicated hotline and online Q&A platform to address HKDSE students’ admission enquiries      Meet HKU Startup Founders: Soonlution – The Future of Shellfish Farming      HKU study confirms pre-suspension e-learning preparedness and family support critical for students’ online learning success, calls for comprehensive measures to enhance online learning preparedness      HKU Engineering’s brand new maker space for students: Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing One of the largest maker spaces in Asia     

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