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Land, Labour, and Life: Education for Rural Development Launch Symposium: China Rural Education Literature Database      The HKU research team addresses media queries about the new intranasal Covid-19 vaccine      Intranasal Covid19 vaccine developed by HKU team approved for emergency use in the Mainland      HKUMed scientists lead discovery of two master genes critical for hearing Provide a guide for diagnosis of deafness and balance problems      Old-growth trees show higher drought resistance than younger trees Study highlights importance of conserving old-growth forests as major carbon sinks      HKUMed discovers glucose control may improve the antitumour activity of γδ-T cells in diabetes      “Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation” HKU Department of Geography hosts Geography Day 2022      HKU responds to the media      HKU holds 2022 Future Science Prize Award Ceremony      HKU student named Regional Winner in the History category for The Global Undergraduate Awards 2022      HKUMed researchers found a reduction in hospitalisations and a concurrent increase in deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 in Hong Kong: implications for healthcare planning during public health emergencies      Global assessment by HKU Marine Scientists found that Oyster reef restoration rapidly increases marine biodiversity but increased restoration effort is needed to eliminate historical damage      From Depression to Expression: Arts-based Intervention in Helping Community-Dwelling Depressed Elderly      Understanding polar species’ behaviour to reduce risk of extinction: HKU Scientists discovered the southward migration of Arctic Ocean species During the Last Glacial Period for the first time      HKU to hold 2022 Future Science Prize Award Ceremony      HKU Partnership for Sustainability Leadership in Business hosts Knowledge Primer 4      HKUMed discovers 90% penicillin allergies labels are false in Hong Kong and proposes a new testing strategy via the Hong Kong Drug Allergy Delabelling Initiative (HK-DADI)      Jockey Club Collaborative Project for Inclusive Employment - Inclusive Career Platform HKU Joins Forces with Stakeholders to Discuss the Opportunities of Inclusive Employment under the Pandemic and Extensive Use of Digital Technology      HKU iLab’s Remote e-Inspection System for Cross Border MiC Logistics system won the 2022 Hong Kong ICT Smart Logistics Gold Award      Jockey Club Collaborative Project for Inclusive Employment - Inclusive Career Platform Symposium on Seizing Opportunities for Inclusive Employment in a Time of Change     


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