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Hey there HKUers! Looking for a platform to share your experiences and stories with your fellow students? Then turn to U-Vision, HKU's community multimedia channel! While our online content is available 24/7, you'll find our TV displays located across the University's campuses, and we're on the air every weekday from 9am - 7pm. What's more, starting from 18 September, air-time on U-Vision from 12:00-2:00pm, Mondays to Fridays, will be reserved exclusively for student-related content only – so don’t miss this chance to share content about your student society, hall life, campus life or even your own personal activities for fun!

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U-Vision Video Specifications

Does the video you have fulfilled these specifications?

Clear and appropriate content:
Your video’s content should be related to HKU with the aims of:
• Disseminating relevant information / knowledge amongst HKU members
• Promoting campus events
• Promoting distinguished people on campus
• Fostering HKU image and building team spirit

Technical specifications

Duration: 3 minutes or less
File size: Max 2 GB
Resolutions: 1920(W) x 1080(H)
Frame rates: 25, 29.97 or 30fps (progressive scan)
File format: MP4 only
Aspect ratio: 1.0 square pixels only
Recommended video bitrate: 10Mbit/s (40Mbit/s for 360-degree web videos)
Audio bitrate: Higher or equal to 128Kbit/s



As HKU's primary and instructional language is English, content uploaded to U-Vision must also be primarily English or has corresponding English subtitles or English side annotations paraphrasing the message being delivered. There are some freeware or online editing platforms for creating or editing subtitles.

Rights to music and other materials

Please make sure you have the right to use all materials included in your video, especially background music and sound effects. Infringing copyright is unlawful and we will not support content with unclear copyright issues.

After submission, it will take approximately 7 working days for our team to process and approve your submission for broadcast. Once your content is approved*, you can watch your content on U-Vision’s platforms. Submit your videos now!

*U-Vision reserves the right to decide if videos uploaded are suitable for posting/broadcast. Uploading videos does not guarantee that they will be posted/broadcast.

Horizontal TV display demo

Follow the steps below to learn how to upload your content to U-Vision:

Login by visiting https://stories.hku.hk/en/admin/dashboard/task-summary. Then, sign in using your HKU Portal credentials. Once you have logged in successfully, you will be able to access the Dashboard page.

Login Login with your HKU Portal credentials

To upload your content to U-Vision, click “Create TV Story”.

Dashboard Remarks: Function included in your “Dashboard” depends on your user role.

Enter the title of your content. Your Faculty/Department will be auto-filled for you based on your HKU Portal login. Also, choose your preferred broadcast date and time.

Basic Info

• Title display on TV
You can enter up to 60 characters. The title will be shown on the U-Vision TVs as follows:
Title Display On TV

• Faculty / Department
Your Faculty/Department will be auto-filled for you based on your HKU Portal login.

• Preferred broadcast date and time
Select your preferred start and end date, and also select the time from 12pm to 2pm. You are advised to select the date duration as 1 month in maximum.

Remarks: The default duration is 14 days. Selection of more than 30 calendar days is not allowed. It may take approximately 7 working days for our team to process and approve your submission. Please submit your content in advance.

Choose to upload a video.


You can upload a new video or use the previous uploaded video.

Step 1 – Upload your video: for uploading a new video
Click the “Upload Video” button. Then, fill in the video title and upload your video file in the pop up window “Create Video”. When the upload bar indicates 100%, your video file is successfully uploaded.
Create Video

After uploading the video file, click the “Start Rendering Video” button. The video ID will be auto-generated and pasted in the “Paste your Video ID” box. Start Rendering Video

Remarks: The rendering time depends on the number of videos pending for rendering and the video file size.

Step 2 – Paste your “Video ID”: for using an uploaded video
Already uploaded a video for other TV types? Skip Step 1 and proceed to Step 2 “Paste your Video ID”. You can type your video ID or search the video by inputting part of your video title, original video file name or video ID.
Paste Video ID

Step 3 – Edit Video Setting / Subtitle / Thumbnail
Click the “Edit Video Setting / Subtitle / Thumbnail” button to edit the video setting, upload subtitle files and edit the thumbnail.
Edit Video Setting

You can input an URL and link the content to it. The weblink will be automatically converted into a QR code and displayed on the side panel of the horizontal U-Vision TVs.

External link
You can input a related external link starting with "https://".
External Link

Promote Event
If you hope to promote an event, you can select this option and fill in the event location, start and end dates, and also time.
Promote Event

Please select to agree to the Terms of Use of U-Vision. You can leave any remarks for your record when saving as a draft, or leave a message for the approver when submitting the content. Please indicate as “For Students’ Air-time campaign” in the “Remarks” area. Then, select the action as "Save draft" or "Submit story". When finished, click the "Confirm" button.

Save Setting

After completing all these steps, you are good to go! The content will be displayed on the U-Vision TVs across campuses after approval.

Remarks: It may take approximately 7 working days for our team to process and approve your submission. We will send you an email message when it has been approved for broadcast.

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