Two ways to embed your video
Embed the video inline within your webpage. It lives amongst your other content, and visitors can play it on screen while interacting with other elements on the page.

The video pops up in the middle of webpage, and the rest of the content on the page is dimmed so that focus is on the video, rather than on any other content.

1. Right click the video that you want to embed or click the icon below the video that looks like this:

1a. Alternately, if you right-click on the video, you'll see a menu with the "Copy Video Code" button. Click to select it.
Step one
2. The "COPY VIDEO CODE" panel pops up. Base on your preference, click either the "Inline" or "Fancybox" tab.

2a. Inline embed video:
Choose if the video is played on mute.
Then, click "COPY" button to copy the codes and paste within <body> tag of your webpage. Finally the video is embedded in your webpage.
Step two
2b. Fancybox embedded video:
Choose if the video is autoplay.
Choose if the video is played on mute.
Then, click "COPY" buttons to copy two sets of codes and paste within <head> and <body> tags of your webpage respectively.
Finally the video will pop up within a fancybox.
Step three