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HKU Medicine x Science Keynote Lecture: The Piwi-piRNA Pathway: a New World of Genetic Regulation in the Germline
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2022-11-18 09:48:39
Small non-coding RNAs play key roles in gene regulation. In 1998, Professor Lin discovered the argonaute (ago) gene family that encodes key proteins of small RNA pathways and are essential for stem cell self-renewal in both animal and plant kingdoms. Within this gene family, the ago subfamily is ubi...
HKU Science Public Lecture Series: Reading Your Mind - Mathemagics (Nov 18, 2022)
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2022-10-17 09:41:44
In this talk, we will look into this question from a magic game. The magician gives you a set of 'mindreading' cards - several cards printed with different numbers. You pick a number of your choice, and then the magician can read the number in your mind in no time......
HKU Science Distinguished Lecture (Oct 18) on Mathematical Optimisation by Prof. Yinyu YE
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2022-10-06 11:11:02
In this lecture, Professor Yinyu YE will present a few recent mathematical optimisation case studies driven by Machine Learning applications. He will show how newly developed (convex) optimisation models and numerical algorithms can be effectively used to achieve solution efficiency and optimality i...
The Shaw Prize Lecture in Astronomy 2022 (September 30, 2022)
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2022-08-12 11:00:34
The Shaw Prize in Astronomy 2022 is awarded to Professor Lennart LINDEGREN and Professor Michael PERRYMAN for their lifetime contributions to space astrometry, and in particular for their role in the conception and design of the European Space Agency's Hipparcos and Gaia missions. You are cordially ...
Public lecture - Understanding Climate Change: Reviewing the Past and Mapping Out Future Implications
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2022-02-23 10:14:25
In the first part of this talk, Dr Jed O KAPLAN will introduce the findings of recent climate change research based on this landmark report and answering questions. Thus, in the second part of this talk, he will overview the opportunities and risks presented by emerging climate change mitigation and...
The Shaw Prize Lecture in Mathematical Sciences 2021
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2021-09-29 11:37:45
The Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences 2021 is awarded to Professor Jean-Michel BISMUT and Professor Jeff CHEEGE for their remarkable insights that have transformed, and continue to transform modern geometry. You are cordially invited to join the Shaw Prize Lecture, in which both laureates will sha...
The Shaw Prize Lecture on Astronomy 2019 "The Voyager Journey to the Giant Planets and Interstellar Space"
Science Faculty
Uploaded on 2019-08-23 12:03:09
Shaw Prize Laureate Professor Edward STONE will talk about his leadership in the Voyager project
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