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The Story of Sir H N Mody and HKU

Sir Hormusjee N Mody, a distinguished Parsi businessman and a renowned philanthropist and benefactor, made a major donation towards the founding of HKU. Without his generosity, the University's existence may not have been realised.

A collaborative video production between Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative and U-Vision

 Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative

 15th March, 2019

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Jimmy       2nd June, 2019 18:21

Nice video....now I know more about my fellow parsis of hk. HKU should give scholorship to few bright parsi students to keep the connection to HKU alive and encourage parsis from around the world to attend HKU. It would be heartning for Sir HN Mody to see that if he were alive today.

Jangoo       29th May, 2019 12:54

His donation was around $285,000 and not $180,000 as mentioned in the video.

Stacy Lee       20th March, 2019 17:39

Great Article - just one point you need to correct. People with knighthoods are referred to by the Sir followed by the first name so he would correctly be styled "Sir Hormusjee" not "Sir Mody." Last names or place names are only used by the peerage, any title from Duke down to a baronet.

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