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GreenConnections Jan13 - Clean Air Network

 Estates Off (Management)

 30th December, 2010


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Debbie       13th January, 2011

I don"t think the University of Hong Kong should support this type of activities. Considering it is a total advertisement of products, without education values. Hong Kong"s air quality is so terrible, and all the pollution that prevents us from the rights to clean air is more of the issue here. GL should hosts talk that teach us on how to do something about it, confront the issue, rather than hosting this type of talk which, advertise to attract university students to invest in a useless product. Hasn"t it occur to anyone the waste generated by this product will be far larger than the benefit created by it? How much waste will we produce by purchasing the can at the price of 2 dollars? We will be accelerating our own paces to death. Global Lounge should know better.

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